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English Premier League Transfer Deadline Buyouts

Posted in Soccer by Rahim on September 4, 2008

Finally the Transfer Window has closed and what a relief to me and i am sure to the players!!! Long time United target, Berbatov, finally signed with The Red Devils in a deal worth $55 Million. But the shock (or say, the coup) was definitely of Robinho, who cried to join Chelsea, had a change of heart (sarcasm) ,decided to join Man City. Nobody and i say nobody would have predicted this transfer. Ok this saga has been done and dusted.

My favourite piece of business has to be of Pavyluchenko joining Spurs. He has shown his style and elegance in The Euros and he will surely be a hit in EPL, provided Bentley and Modric creates chances for him.

How can i forget the lack of signing by Arsene Wenger. This time ,even his ardent followers are a little sad at his decision to play infants in a key position like Defensive Midfield. They might end up like a Spanish bride, playing all the beautiful football but no silverware 🙂 Why does Arsenal FC behave like a pauper club whe it comes to buying class players??

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