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Time to bring the curtains down the career of Scholes & Giggs

Posted in Soccer by Rahim on September 15, 2008

The men are legends at Manchester United and have been part of some history defining moments at The Theatre of Dreams. But no matter how strong the castles are, they ought to fall some day. I am talking about Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes.
It is quite apparent, even to ardent United fans, that these two stalwarts cannot carry the burden of expectations. The once wiley and strong horses have suffered the strike of time.
Scholesy, as he is fondly called, had given a decent performance last season but the legs are weary as he does not make or the desire to make those forward runs, which was a hallmark of his play. All is left of him is putting long diagonal passes to the wings or passing it back to his own defenders! Some call him “the most clever player of his generation”, but with weary legs and no motivation, has stagnated his play and effected his creativeness.
Sir Alex Ferguson, the gaffe of United, had shown too much faith in him in this age and the pace of Barclays Premier League is clearly catching up with him. United should replace him as soon as possible with Michael Carrick as the playmaker.

The other stalward is the flying Welshman, Ryan Giggs. Over the years we have been treated with some delightful dribbling abilities of this gem of a player. What more, he has been a one club man!
His demise started 2 seasons ago when he was told by Air Alex that he does not feature in his future plans and Inter Milan was so close to signing him. But change of events led to his stay at Old Trafford.
Once the sprinting horse has grown old, with heavy legs and no craetiveness to speak of. He cannot go past defenders as old days and should pave the way for younger and better suited players for The United’s cause.
Readers might say i am jumping to a conclusion because of his error that led to the winner at Anfield, but i have to realistic and he himself would have seen it coming. I cannot remember a single match last season where Giggs had any real contribution. Nani should be given more oppurtunity and should not be used as a super sub. He has the potential to fill the void left by Giggs.
The winds have changed at Old Trafford and the sooner Sir Alex realises it, the better.

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