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Shebby Singh & Paul Masefield : Stupid Football Pundits

Posted in Soccer by Rahim on October 20, 2008

Right from the outset of EPL being broadcasted in India, Shebby Singh & Paul Masefield have been regulars on matchdays’ presentation and analysis. At first, I knew nothing about football, as mpst of cricket-crazy fans. But due to the match-fixing scandals and later, the step-motherly treatment metted out to Sourav Ganguly, prompted me to look at other sports for pleasure and excitement.

ESPN-Star Sports started beaming EPL every weekend and it grew every season with more Pundits joining its squad. I was satisfied and even to an extent, content with their comments to start with. Then soon BSNL started their Dataone Broadband service and i was quick to get one. The exposure to the internet highlighted my blind acceptance of whatever rubbish came from M/S Shebby & Masefield.

Their lack of understanding the technicalities of football became apparent when Jamie Reeves joined the party. ‘Reevo’ came with an understanding of the sophisticatedworld of football and his comments sounded so reasonable. While the ones from the other two were ludacrious. Even a paanwallah would analyse a game better than them and this is no joke!

Finally, former Liverpool player, Steve McMahon, arrived on the scene and completely blew away the competition. Here was a man who knew what he was talking. His comments were spot on and very thorough unlike stupid ones coming from you know who.

I would sincerely hope ESPN-Star would drop Shebby & Masefield from their line of pundits next season. More serious analysts are required and if I want to hear jokes then Laughter Challenge is enough!

Special mention of beta_testing for prompting me to carry on writing.


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  1. Abhishek said, on November 4, 2008 at 5:08 pm

    I totally agree. At times when I hear Shebby Singh’s comments I go, “WTF is he talking about??”. Paul Masefield is 10 times more bearable than that muppet. Still, I pity poor Shebby when Macca lays into him during Football Focus and on matchdays. 😉

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