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Shebby Singh & Paul Masefield : Stupid Football Pundits

Posted in Soccer by Rahim on October 20, 2008

Right from the outset of EPL being broadcasted in India, Shebby Singh & Paul Masefield have been regulars on matchdays’ presentation and analysis. At first, I knew nothing about football, as mpst of cricket-crazy fans. But due to the match-fixing scandals and later, the step-motherly treatment metted out to Sourav Ganguly, prompted me to look at other sports for pleasure and excitement.

ESPN-Star Sports started beaming EPL every weekend and it grew every season with more Pundits joining its squad. I was satisfied and even to an extent, content with their comments to start with. Then soon BSNL started their Dataone Broadband service and i was quick to get one. The exposure to the internet highlighted my blind acceptance of whatever rubbish came from M/S Shebby & Masefield.

Their lack of understanding the technicalities of football became apparent when Jamie Reeves joined the party. ‘Reevo’ came with an understanding of the sophisticatedworld of football and his comments sounded so reasonable. While the ones from the other two were ludacrious. Even a paanwallah would analyse a game better than them and this is no joke!

Finally, former Liverpool player, Steve McMahon, arrived on the scene and completely blew away the competition. Here was a man who knew what he was talking. His comments were spot on and very thorough unlike stupid ones coming from you know who.

I would sincerely hope ESPN-Star would drop Shebby & Masefield from their line of pundits next season. More serious analysts are required and if I want to hear jokes then Laughter Challenge is enough!

Special mention of beta_testing for prompting me to carry on writing.


Time to bring the curtains down the career of Scholes & Giggs

Posted in Soccer by Rahim on September 15, 2008

The men are legends at Manchester United and have been part of some history defining moments at The Theatre of Dreams. But no matter how strong the castles are, they ought to fall some day. I am talking about Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes.
It is quite apparent, even to ardent United fans, that these two stalwarts cannot carry the burden of expectations. The once wiley and strong horses have suffered the strike of time.
Scholesy, as he is fondly called, had given a decent performance last season but the legs are weary as he does not make or the desire to make those forward runs, which was a hallmark of his play. All is left of him is putting long diagonal passes to the wings or passing it back to his own defenders! Some call him “the most clever player of his generation”, but with weary legs and no motivation, has stagnated his play and effected his creativeness.
Sir Alex Ferguson, the gaffe of United, had shown too much faith in him in this age and the pace of Barclays Premier League is clearly catching up with him. United should replace him as soon as possible with Michael Carrick as the playmaker.

The other stalward is the flying Welshman, Ryan Giggs. Over the years we have been treated with some delightful dribbling abilities of this gem of a player. What more, he has been a one club man!
His demise started 2 seasons ago when he was told by Air Alex that he does not feature in his future plans and Inter Milan was so close to signing him. But change of events led to his stay at Old Trafford.
Once the sprinting horse has grown old, with heavy legs and no craetiveness to speak of. He cannot go past defenders as old days and should pave the way for younger and better suited players for The United’s cause.
Readers might say i am jumping to a conclusion because of his error that led to the winner at Anfield, but i have to realistic and he himself would have seen it coming. I cannot remember a single match last season where Giggs had any real contribution. Nani should be given more oppurtunity and should not be used as a super sub. He has the potential to fill the void left by Giggs.
The winds have changed at Old Trafford and the sooner Sir Alex realises it, the better.

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Reds beats The Devils : Liverpool trounced United !!

Posted in Soccer by Rahim on September 14, 2008

The “biggest match” in BPL had it all. Rafa Benitez have not beaten Sir Alex Ferguson as manager of Liverpool, and i did not expected this to change. Benitez opted to bench Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres, both not fully fit, and opted to give debut to his new siging from Spain, Albert Riera. It was the same defensive approach that i have come to expect from Rafa’s 4-5-1 formation.

Sir Alex Ferguson opted for an attacking line-up, playing Dimiter Berbatov, Carlos Tevez and Wayne Rooney. But here is the twist. Rooney, once again, was asked to play out of position, this time on the right wing!

Talk about intent.

The match started on the best possible way for United as Tevez scrored froma cut-back from Berbatov in the 3rd minutes. The culprit was Mascherano, who did not tracked back his National team mate and he knew that. ANother 10 minutes of United’s dominace and from there all went downhill.

Liverpool began to pass the ball more purpose and got lucky when a fluffed shot from Alonso was shockingly handled by Van Der Sar and the ball hit Wes Brown’s leg and went into the United’s net. It was all square. A damning howler from one the most senoir most member of the squad. More of this to come later in the 2nd half.

Suddenly The Kops sensed thier opputunity and United’s players seems to lost thier confidence and were outplayed all over the park.

Rafa would surely have told Aurelio and Riera to work on The United’s right and make a fool of Rooney and Brown and they did that!! Berbatov, Scholes and Anderson were anonymous in the 2nd half which pronpted Sir Alex to bring on Ryan Giggs, Owen Hargreaves and Nani. But that did not change anything. Then came the winner from Ryan Babel in the 77th minutes. An error by Giggs led to the goal, whcih Babel hit his shot into the ground and it bounced and went into the net. I did not expected this from Giggs, maybe its time the curtains should fall on his career.

From that moment on it was the same as Liverpool played all the football, asked all the questions to which United had no replies.

Nemenja Vidic saw given his marching orders for a nd yelolow card for a really bad tackle on Alonso, which suspends him for next week’s match against Chelsea.

It was a shameful display by United and highlight the importance of Cristiano Ronaldo. How much they dependent on him last season can be judged ny United’s dismal start of the season.

I have always said that Liverpool gets lucky all the time but this was a stunning performance from an average Liverpool team without their star players but were more aggressive and a desire to beat United at Anfield.

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What is happening at Newcastle FC ?

Posted in Soccer by Rahim on September 5, 2008

This comes as a big surprise. Dennis Wise and Mike Ashley have done it again!! The secong coming of The Messiah lasted just 8 months. Ever since his arrival there has  been no improvement on the picth. The team continued to play without any game plan or vision. The Toons are very angry the way M/S Ashley & Wise have behaved and rather back stabbed Keegan. Agreed that KK did not possess the strategic skills, but when you a legend at The Jordies, then your shortcomings are ignored.

We have to accept the cruel fact that football clubs are business entities, part of a  result-based industry and no amount of passion can dilute it. Without good results one cannot make money to buy quality players. Now with this sudden exit of Keegan due to the actions of buying and selling players without his approval and he is too big a character to take this little. He cannot be kept in the dark and bullied. How can you sell one of your brighter player, James Milner, to Aston Villa if you have an ambition to be in the big league, is beyond my understanding.

What is the solution now? Mike Ashley must sell the Club and go out as soon as possible!! There will be a huge protest this weekend.

I was always skeptical of Keegan’s ability to manage a big club. He plays and thinks too much from the heart and that has prevented him to become a top manager.

It is believed that Alan Curbishley might succeed Keegan at NUFC.

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My Dream Team

Posted in Soccer by Rahim on September 4, 2008

With so many world class players on show, it is very difficult to choose The Best Eleven. We all have our favourites and bias cannot be far away 🙂 Here is my Dream team along with why i chose them.

Formation : 4-4-2

GK: Iker Casillas : The Best Goalkeeper in the World. People may disagree and point to Peter Cech. Casillas has saved Madrid butt so many times and is probably the only top team with no defence!! Cech and Buffon had some classic defenders in front of them while Casillas is Real Madrid’s Defense!

DF : Nemanja Vidic : Tall, aggressive, decisive. A Winner. Attacks the ball and is always has the stomach for a fight. Just ask Drogba 😀

DF : Ricardo Carvalho : The best foil for Vidic. A very astute orgabiser of the defence and is so elegant. Playing alongside him makes Terry look so good.

RB : Philipe Lahm : A player who know how to attack and defend too. Has the legs to bomb on either flanks all day.

LB : Gabriel Heinze : Knows he is a defender first and then may join in the attack. He is so similar to Vidic and is my favovrite player. Gives a balance to the team.

DM : Tosten Frings : A Play-Maker with tremendous vision and provides leadership qualities.

CM :  Steven Gerrard : The driving force of the team. A True Leader who never give up. Its not in his DNA.

RW : Cristiano Ronaldo : This is a simple one. the Best Player in The World has to be in here.

LW : Bastian Schweinsteiger: A German machine who can play anywhere and comes up with goods when others fail.

CF : David Villa : A Goal Scoring Machine.

CF : Francesco Totti : I need a Talisman in my team and Tottie fits the bill perfectly.

There you have it. Agree or disgaree I DONT CARE. This is my blog damn it 🙂

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English Premier League Transfer Deadline Buyouts

Posted in Soccer by Rahim on September 4, 2008

Finally the Transfer Window has closed and what a relief to me and i am sure to the players!!! Long time United target, Berbatov, finally signed with The Red Devils in a deal worth $55 Million. But the shock (or say, the coup) was definitely of Robinho, who cried to join Chelsea, had a change of heart (sarcasm) ,decided to join Man City. Nobody and i say nobody would have predicted this transfer. Ok this saga has been done and dusted.

My favourite piece of business has to be of Pavyluchenko joining Spurs. He has shown his style and elegance in The Euros and he will surely be a hit in EPL, provided Bentley and Modric creates chances for him.

How can i forget the lack of signing by Arsene Wenger. This time ,even his ardent followers are a little sad at his decision to play infants in a key position like Defensive Midfield. They might end up like a Spanish bride, playing all the beautiful football but no silverware 🙂 Why does Arsenal FC behave like a pauper club whe it comes to buying class players??

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